Other Matchbox Miniatures


It is always interesting to see Matchbox being involved with other famous brands. In this section we will see some promotional items which Matchbox has produced in miniature size and issued outside of the Basic Line in limited regions around the world.


Matchbox Collectibles Miniatures


After the acquisition of Tyco Matchbox by Mattel, the brand was invested a lot to develop a collectibles range other than its Basic Line. These precious miniature models were produced in China during 1997 through 2002. They were not allocated MAN numbers as they were designed for high-end collectors.

Preproduction Matchbox


Ever since Lesney era through nowadays Mattel wheels, Matchbox toys have always been produced after various preproductions. Some of them are resins, some are merely shells without interiors while some are nearly on final stages. In this section we will see those unusual Matchbox prepros. Special thanks to enthusiastic Chinese Matchbox collectors "上海费特" and "尉迟911" for part of these collections.


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